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Nature’s Way Dry Cleaners

   May 07

Nature’s Way Dry Cleaners

The drycleaning industry provides garment cleaning, finishing and related services to vast majority of American households. With approximately 30,000 drycleaners in the United States, drycleaning is one of the largest industry sectors that is still recognized as a “Mom and Pop” small business. Nature’s Way Dry Cleaners has 3 locations in Iowa – Iowa City and 2 locations in Cedar Rapids.  Nature’s Dry Cleaners provides excellent service and convenient locations. 

Traditionally, drycleaners used solvents and detergents to clean clothes. This process avoided saturating certain fabrics in water, which might cause shrinkage or dye bleeding. The solvent used by over 90% of the drycleaning industry is perchloroethylene (perc). Others use petroleum and new technologies such as wetcleaning have made tremendous strides in the market. Recognizing its responsibility to employees, customers, neighbors and the public, the drycleaning industry took the lead in incorporating pollution prevention mechanisms and environmental management systems in their operations to reduce solvent emissions and exposures.

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