Start Taking Better Care of Your Drapes and Rugs

Choose an experienced company to clean your dirty features

Natures Way Cleaners Cedar Rapids is a trusted drapery cleaning company. Over the years, we've helped many homeowners transform their old, dirty drapes into clean, eye-catching features.

Trust us to get your draperies cleaner than ever. Our skilled cleaners can do everything from removing small stains to deep cleaning the entire item. We use a unique hand-cleaning process to eliminate dirt and stains without harming your drapes.

Don't choose just any company for your drapery cleaning needs. Call Natures Way Cleaners Cedar Rapids at 319-395-6777 now to discuss your cleaning needs with a local expert.

3 benefits of choosing our professional rug cleaning company

Is daily wear and tear taking its toll on the rugs in your home? If your rugs are covered in dirt and dust, the pros at Natures Way Cleaners Cedar Rapids are prepared to assist. We can breathe new life into your unique rugs with professional cleaning service. You should hire us because:

  1. We use commercial-grade cleaners that can remove the dirt, grime and allergens that are ruining your rug.
  2. We have experience working with rugs of all types and sizes.
  3. We can provide a deeper clean than common at-home cleaning solutions.

Want additional information about our rug cleaning services? Contact Natures Way Cleaners Cedar Rapids today.

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